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The firm currently litigates cases exclusively in the District of Columbia, and our representation ranges from administrative agencies, to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. The firm specializes in complex federal litigation for civil rights cases.


Charles A. Moran

Senior Partner

Charlie Moran has provided civil rights representation in the District of Columbia for thirty years. Charlie graduated from Duke University Law School in 1967 and started practicing law related to transportation regulation and compliance. Charlie shifted focus to children's rights and took appointed cases from D.C. Superior Court, many of which had special education elements. Now, Charlie has been practicing special education law for 25 years. Charlie was co-class counsel for the Blackman/Jones litigation that ensured parents could enforce favorable decisions for children with disabilities in the District of Columbia.

Charlie's dedication to children's rights guarantees that all of our clients get the same level of service as the Blackman/Jones class members. Charlie built the firm around his belief that every client's claim is worth pursuing. As a result, Moran & Associates has successfully litigated numerous appeals from other special education attorneys, and has a reputation for finding success where other attorneys had not.

Licensed NY, D.C.

Charles A. sibert


Charles graduated from American University's Washington College of Law in 2016 after interning with Moran & Associates in his final term of law school. At WCL Charles honed his skills as a student attorney representing clients with the civil advocacy clinic. Charles was on the senior staff of the American University Business Law Review and focused his studies on civil trial advocacy.

Charles enjoys playing golf and tennis.

Licensed MI, D.C.

Joseph Golinker

Children’s Rights Advocate

Joey graduated from American University's Washington College of Law in 2014 after teaching Constitutional Law to high school students in Southeast D.C., interning for the National Disability Rights Network's Public Policy division, and practicing as a student attorney with the Disability Rights Law Clinic. At WCL, Joey was senior staff on Business Law Review, a competitor with the Moot Court Honor Society, and head writer for the American University Law Revue.

Joey enjoys the performing arts and competed in 12 seasons of D.C.'s competitive karaoke league with “EsqChoir.”